I am very keen on blogging. In fact, I started blogging about two years ago through Typepad. The world of blogging fascinates me and I want to continue blogging in WordPress. I came to know about WordPress some time ago but did not use that blogging platform until today.

I happened to buy B. M. Hirani’s blogging book and having read a few chapters of that book, I felt I must use WordPress as a blogging platform. This would enable me to reach out to hundreds and thousands of talented bloggers. It would be great to read some blogging articles which would give me a better idea of blogging.

I am interested in various subject. I love reading suspense novels. I am enthusiastic about reading Self Help books and some of my favourite authors are Wes Hopper, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, David Riklan. I am also very found of reading books and articles on marketing. Moreover, I am also influenced by Social Media. I find the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube extremely user-friendly and truly awesome. This has enabled me to keep in touch with many people around the world. I find this activity very exciting.

It would be wonderful to begin blogging and this is my first post in WordPress. I would love to blog and meet my fellow bloggers and exchange priceless information with them.

Love and lots of it

Salim Sayyid

2 thoughts on “Blogging

    • salimasayyid says:

      Thanks a lot Loy. I really appreciate your good wishes. I am impressed by your blogs. You have your own inimitable style and what makes you stand out is your frankness and outspokenness. Keep up the good work and develop into a famous and respected trainer in communication and leadership. I wish you the very best in your endeavors.

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