Looking beyond suffering

“If you have the courage to look beyond suffering, you find strength”. – Linda Ra.

This was a beautiful quote which I came across in the Twitter Platform.. I liked this quote as such profound words always touch my heart for its sheer inspiration.

Yesterday was an awesome day in my life like most days. I was busy on the computer trying my utmost to organize my files and images and make them into folders so that I can retrieve them easily. The objective being to have a paperless working environment in my house. The most important aspect of becoming paperless is not scanning but being able to retrieve one’s digital documents easily. I managed this very well but it took a considerable amount of time and energy. But to make this exercise more joyous, I would take some breaks and watch my favourite local programs like CID, and ADALAT on Sony TV. Once this ‘digital organizing’ was done, I was clearing up things which had fallen on the floor and then just out of the blue, I felt a severe muscle pull in my hip. It was very very painful. However, I managed to get up and eat a small dinner which I had cooked earlier and then put MOOV ointment and had a pain killer VOVORAN 100 mg. I then forced myself to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up with excruciating pain and with great difficulty had a bath and changed. The pain in my hip seemed to have increased and this was making me very uncomfortable. However, I forced myself to go to El Dorado Restaurant – which is just below my house in Electra Road, Abu Dhabi. I love eating the South Indian Stuff there. I ate UPMA and then topped it up with Nescafe. I then returned home and started working on creating a WordPress blog using the tips in the book BLOGGING by B.M. Harwani. The pain in my hip started receding as I immersed myself in creating the Blog Platform of WordPress. I realized the importance of that quote ‘If you have the courage to look beyond suffering, you find strength”. – Linda Ray

Yes, I did muster up courage to look beyond the suffering by enjoying and learning about Blogging through WordPress and in the process I found strength and was very happy to publish my first blog today. I have already started feeling better and am sure courage can be the best remedy to look beyond suffering for it gives strength to face suffering which is an inevitable aspect of life just as happiness.


Photo courtesy Google

It's painful - this Hip Pain

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