Being Judgmental is Ominous

I was very happy in fact delighted when I came to know yesterday of India’s brilliant win against Sri Lanka in the one day International played in Australia. I had avoided watching the match as I feared the worst. I felt that India would be demolished by the Lankans particularly because of the lean patch that this fantastic team was going through. The team played as usual as one cohesive unit and without doubt the inning of Virat Kohli was a real gem.  I was relieved that all the bickering that was going on due to the so called ‘infighting’ in the Indian team highlighted by media was proved completely wrong.

It is terrible to read and hear comments in the media about our Indian team not performing well. Give them a big break guys. This team is a world class team and even with some small differences that may take place; the media should not jump into conclusions and be so judgmental. It was painful to see the media constantly showing the stunning catch of Virendra Sehwag to prove that he is not a slow fielder. These exaggerations can only spell harm and send wrong feelers about a team that has played with its heart and soul and brought us the World Cup after so many God forsaken years. Let the media be a little more understanding and avoid being judgmental for it is an unattractive trait and carries ominous overtones.

Everything about life and what’s happening around abounds in lessons to be learnt. We need to take our victories and defeats in our stride and be tolerant always. No player who plays for the country can ever compromise on his performance because being selected to play for one’s country is such an honour and such a great motivation. Arnold A Lazarus has correctly pointed out that “Judgmental, prejudiced and biased individuals make far-reaching pronouncements based on limited information. We all know such people. Their false and extreme generalizations give them away.”  So let the media exercise restraint before being judgmental and let Cricket be played in the right spirit and lets enjoy the game of cricket and respect the winners without being prejudiced and without being judgmental.

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