Don’t be so sure…

I was busy at my desk today morning working furiously on some pending emails on marketing. Our office boy Dileep brought me some coffee. The aroma and the taste of the coffee brought in high spirits and for some moments, I completely forgot about office work while sipping coffee. Dileep who is a Sri Lankan cricket enthusiast requested me to open for the score of the Sri Lankan Australia Match being played in Adelaide Australia.

His face immediately went down as he read that Australia had score 271 runs with M.J. Clarke scoring a brilliant 117. I looked at him and told him that Sri Lanka would lose this match and I said this with so much of confidence for I could never imagine Sri Lanka side today chasing successfully 271 runs and boy how wrong I was.

When I opened the site cricinfo later, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the never say die Lankans had successfully chased down the target in 44.2 overs in a game of 50 overs with Dilshan scoring a superb 106 runs and being adjudged Man of the Match. I had spoken a bit too soon.

I remember when working for Nicholas Schering in India, I had a small sales book which had these words – “Don’t be so sure” on its cover. I used to love reading these words over and over again as it always gave me that extra motivation for my next sale.

These words I do remember time to time though sometimes, I tend to forget them and make these so sure statements like Sri Lanka losing the match. It’s important probably very important to realize that one must never be too sure of anything. This does not mean that we should not have a positive attitude – but being positive does not mean that we should always be sure of things. We need to take the good and the bad in our stride and try to do our best and leave the rest in the safe hands of the Almighty.

Today’s incident was once again an eye opener for me and apart from bringing back those memorable memories of my stint with Nicholas Schering in India, it taught me again the wisdom of those profound words … “Don’t be so sure”

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