Saeed Ojaroudi – Creative Genius!

From the moment he opened his eyes, Saeed Ojaroudi was drawn to the world of light and darkness, and was enchanted by the camera lens and the beauty of image as well as the art of photography. He was fortunate in cultivating his skill through studying. He learned the art and basis of photography in Switzerland, and later on continued his studies and enriched his experience in the United States. Over fifty years his daily working experience accumulated, and his practical experience diversified by working in Iran, the USA and the UAE.

He mastered all kinds of photography: portrait, advertisement and the beautiful sceneries of nature at the antiquity, tourist and urban locations.  His talent, years of study and experience made him an expert in capturing events by picture.  Today, after fifty years of ingenuity, Saeed Ojaroudi is getting ready to pass on his experience to the new generations.  He has established an institute for photography in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE and the sponsor of talents, and arts as well as the land of culture and creativity.  His aim is to provide those who wish to make of photography a profession the opportunity to learn this art from his rich source and from an expert who knows the hidden secrets of this profession, and its modern techniques inside out.  The institute is located in Abu Dhabi, and is open morning and evening.  The world of photography has granted its secrets to those who adore working with the light, darkness, lenses and ingenuity. – Do visit Saeed’s site and behold his creative genius.

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