Arthur Ashe – The dab of grit that seeped into the oyster’s shell

Arthur Ashe, is a legendary Wimbledon Tennis player who died of AIDS as the cause of blood transfusion he took in his heart operation at 1983.One day, he received a letter from one of his fans who asked, “Why God chose you to take that cursed disease?”

Arthur replied, “There are 50 million kids who started to play tennis on the whole world. But, only 5 million learned to play tennis. There are 500.000 people who learn tennis professionally. Among them, 50.000 are ready to join the tournaments anytime. There are 5000 tennis player who made it into Grand slam tournament. There are 50 tennis players who join Wimbledon tournament, but only 4 made it to semi final, then 2 made it to final. But, I’m the only one who won the trophy. When I held that trophy with my hand, I didn’t asked God “Why me?” Today I wont ask God when I am ill “Why me?”@Motivation and Inspiration

Happiness will keep you behave sweetly. Challenge will keep you strong. Sorrow will keep you human. Failure will keep you modest. Success will keep you passionate, but only your attitude and loyalty which will keep you moving forward@ Motivation and Inspiration

More information on Arthur Ashe’s Official Site

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