Whole Mint or Hole Mint?

WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER A HOLE MINT OR WHOLE MINT? A great article from Khaleej Times on 6th July 2012 aptly titled Are we all Tom Sawyers? Here is an extract from that interesting post.
In India again, a few years back, a company that manufactured mint decided to cut costs and sell its mint shaped like a ring instead of as a full circle as was conventional. That gave the consumer only about 60 percent of the quantity per mint, but the company splurged massively on advertisements calling it ‘the mint with a hole’. Now why that should be anything to shout about, I don’t know, but it helped to differentiate and it worked. When people thought mint, they could only think of this one. It worked very till a rival wisened up to this and started a counter campaign which promoted the ‘whole’ mint as opposed to a ‘hole’ one.
Photo Credit Flickr

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