NMC Corporate Chapter – Meeting 241- 22nd September 2012

NMC Corporate Meeting on 22nd September 2011

NMC Corporate Chapter – Meeting 241 dated 22nd September 2012 at 14:00 Hrs – Basement Hall, NMC Specialty Hospital, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi.

Toastmaster of the Day Mumtaz Hussain gave a fine debut performance. Her role play was brilliant and her anecdote on the lady cleaning the rest room, effectively brought out the theme of the meeting APPRECIATION. Liked her words “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around” Well done TM Mumtaz! Gave also the word for the day ‘Zealous’ and explained it so well and yes it was used by nearly all the role players.

President Ramesh Taurani energized the start of the meeting by affirming the new members who have shown great enthusiasm and responsibility. Keep it up new members – you are such a precious asset to this Chapter!

TM Nazeer Azam’s award winning Ice Breaker was refreshingly sweet and sincere. He was very natural and effortless and he spoke from his heart. Well now all he needs is a mentor who will guide and train him on the nuances of crafting an organized speech for this new Toastmaster does have talent needing to be developed and enhanced. And… he has a great smile and a great sense of humor!

TM Manish Bahirwani’s award winning evaluation of TM Nazeer Ramesh Ice Breaker was clinical, encouraging and brought out a significant point on the speaker’s ability to link Cricket and Public Speaking. Well done TM Manish for a great evaluation!

TM Manmohan Sreedhar’s Table Topic Session was again very educative and very enjoyable and all his topics were based on the theme APPRECIATION. The session discovered another great talent in new comer TM Jeenu Jaison who spoke so well on her feet and swept away the best table topic speaker award.

DTM Sudha Datta’s General Evaluation had some important pointers – particularly about the meeting starting on time. He lavished praise on the Toastmaster of the Day; TM Nazeer Ramesh’s Ice Breaker and appreciated the contribution of TM Monir Zaman towards NMC Corporate Chapter. It’s sad that TM Monir Zaman is relocating and will be missed by all the members.

It was a very enjoyable and educative meeting and all role players did so well in keeping the meeting vibrant and entertaining.

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