Abu Dhabi Chapter Meeting No. 448 – 25 September 2012 “Toastmasters”

Jump to happiness” was the theme chosen by DTM Sudha Datta – Toastmaster of the Evening for this very entertaining and enjoyable meeting.

We had four project speeches two each from the Basic and Advance Manuals. Some very constructive and analytic evaluations. A superb General Evaluation by TM Loyola Pinto. We also watched the world champion of Public Speaking of 2011 and had two of our star evaluators – TM Abraham Thomas and TM Sanjay Vissa evaluating this speech. And last but not the least we had a fabulous dinner and later we had some hot steaming Masala Tea.

The meeting made us shake and rattle and jump with joy. Thanks to all the Toastmaster of the Evening Sudha Datta, the Role Players and VP Education TM Krishnan for giving us a cracker of a meeting!

Toastmaster of the Evening – at his Hilarious Best!

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