The Amazing Canon 60D

Since years, I have been contemplating on a dSLR. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I bought the Canon 60D with two zoom lens. I have very basic knowledge of photography and the only camera that I have used before is a

 Sony Cyber shot 7.2 Mega pixels. I then bought a book on the Canon 60D by Nicole S Young.

Though the book is very good but still it is taking me time to understand the features and the use of it. Probably, because of lack of time due to office commitments. However, I realized today why I am not able to learn about it faster after reading a post of Wes Hopper titled “Just start playing”

Here is an extract from his post which I liked, “Become a child again. Give a small child a box of toys, a game or puzzle, and the child won’t look for the instructions, the child will just start playing with it. That’s why kids learn fast and adults learn slowly.”

I am sure being a child again and ‘playing’ with it will help me learn about it faster to take good pictures.

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