Diwali is one festival which I can never forget. It brings back very happy memories of my childhood. My dad used to handle the Income Tax Returns of many clients through his office G.C. Kaka and Company. He was a partner in this company.

During the month of Diwali, we used to get many sweet boxes and sometimes some clients also brought us boxes of  pistachios, almonds and walnuts. We used to love counting the boxes that we used to get and sometimes the count would exceed 20 boxes. We were 9 siblings and each of us have a sweet tooth and we used to love to grab these delicious Diwali sweets. Sometimes there used to be fights among us for these sweets. I remember one of Dad’s clients Mr. Poddar who used to bring us a stack of white cloth and I used to love it as we used to make shirts and Kurtas of this cloth.

Those days are long gone with my dad passing away but these beautiful memories remain. The Diwali sweets   especially the Barfi, the Kaju Katri, the Halwa were my favorites and we used to have these even during breakfast.

I also loved this festival for the fun and joy we had with lighting up the Diwali Crackers. It was just so beautiful. I used to get so excited and thrilled when we used to light up the Diwali Crackers. It was fun – real fun. I can never forget those ‘lighting moments’

It’s been ages since I have enjoyed with Diwali Crackers but I do have the Diwali delicacies and for sure I cannot resist them and buy them from some shops in Abu Dhabi. Yes, I love this festival and love remembering those beautiful days of my childhood enjoying the sweets and the crackers. IT WAS FUN – IT WAS MAGICAL!

Photo courtesy: theholidayspot.com


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