Hairy and Hilarious!

Humoroids Advanced Toastmasters Club Meeting No: 13 dated 21 November 2012

“Rip Van Winkle” TME Sujith Vijayamohan was an absolute hairy delight to watch. He brought so much of fun, so much of laughter as he introduced the ‘Hair Hilarious’ Role Players. This ‘Caveman’ enacted his role to near perfection making him so lovable and so pleasing to watch. With all the ‘Hairs’ and the fun, the essence of a Toastmaster meeting was fulfilled through some great humorous speeches, superb evaluations, innovative table topic session and a general evaluation. For two captivating hours all we experienced was hair and hilarity.

Each role was done with mirth and merriment be it:

  • The “Delectable Bobby” (TM Rency Patcheko) doing the word for the Evening
  • The “Miss Rolex” (TM Pratima Mishra) who kept precision timing with an award winning Black “Maggie Noodle” Hair.
  • Take the case of “Humpty Dumpty”(TM Bharat Mehta) who gets a dump whenever he crosses a hump! And also an award!
  • What about “D – Hitler” who broke the code ‘Darling’ – only a Dr. Katrak could do it so effortlessly and hilariously.
  • Take this line “I am single but not ready to mingle” – done with so much of mirth by TM George – a jibe on Black “Maggie Noodle”.
  • TM Ramesh Warier who gave the word “Uncle” a new hilarious twist with this question “Have you ever been molested by the five letter word “Uncle”?
  • Now, do you know the Club’s name of TM Mohammad Basheer “DTM” in good humor which means ‘Dropout Toastmasters Club’!
  • Have you heard of UMW (Unmarried Men and Women’s Club)? Only DTM Sudha Datta knows where it is!

There was amusement, laughter, cheerfulness, joviality and above all we got ‘hair splitting’ humor and a memorable unforgettable meeting.

Last but not the least thanks to our Division Governor DTM Marwan Shayea – who was such a great help in making this Hairy Meeting possible in this fascinating venue “Rimal Club.”

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