Santa 1950???

Santa 1950
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Hilary Cooper

It was a pleasant cold evening, Christmas posters adorned the brightly lit room, the chairs placed in theater style looked beautiful with white covers, the room was throbbing with energy as the Toastmasters flashed their smiles and greeted one another. Abu Dhabi Chapter 1950 meeting 454 dated 18 December in NMC Foodlands was about to begin and then it happened- moments that took our breath away!

Santa 1950 dressed in a majestic red coat and white collar with a flowing beard and red trousers with a bag full of goodies suddenly appeared. It seemed that time stood still – the scintillating tunes of Jingle Bell Jingle Bell echoed in the room, the goodies stated coming our way – taking our breath away. It all seemed so real and so magical. It looked as if we were being transformed back in time to our childhood and reliving the Santa Claus myth that was just a faint memory until then.

As Santa 1950 performed his Toastmaster of the Evening role, we all went into a trance for two exciting hours that had mirth, joy, laughter, games and gifts. But it also had three milestone speeches and three brilliant evaluations.

I can say in all honesty that I relived every moment of this meeting with Santa 1950 at the helm. He was certainly the ‘Star’ of this meeting and the passion, enthusiasm that he displayed in his role play was simply amazing. There were so many games, so much fun that for once we totally forgot the cares of this world and basked in the love and joy that flowed into this extraordinary meeting.

I am totally baffled at times when I reflect back and think about the Toastmasters Program. I marvel at the man who started this Program – Ralph Smedley. How did he think of such a Program? Did he realize that this program based on communication and leadership can change lives for the better? Did he realize that this program would impact the lives of millions in this world? Did he realize that there could be so much fun and joy apart from the learning that one can derive from this Program? Probably he was gifted by the Almighty and yes he shared his vision and that was his greatness for only when we share we really do care. These words of his are immortal “While most of us may have entered Toastmasters to learn to make speeches that benefit is but the beginning of the good which may come to us and the good which we may do for mankind.”

It was for two hours that I relived my childhood during this joyous, fun filled meeting. It was wonderful to become a child again to laugh so much to smile so much and to learn so much.

Santa 1950 – TM Loyola Pinto – You were just brilliant as Toastmaster of the Evening and we all will treasure the memories of this memorable meeting as we could see our childhood embracing us and taking our breath away 7,200+ times!

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