Sweet Simple Sumptuous

NMC Group Photo
“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder

The 248 meeting of NMC Corporate Chapter on 5 January 2013 was sweet, simple and sumptuous.

Sweet because of the energy and love radiated by its members.
Simple because it had four great projects that every member understood and enjoyed as they had great take home value.
Sumptuous because of the delicious cake that tickled our taste buds and announced  that NMC Corporate Club are having a wonderful time and will joyfully achieve President Distinguished Status under the leadership of President Ramesh Taurani in 2013.

The meeting showcased some great talent in TM Deepti Sugandh (Best Project Speaker), Guest Jehan (Best Table Topic Speaker) and once again we experienced great evaluation from TM Manmohan Sreedhar(Best Evaluator). A neat crisp General Evaluation by DTM Sunil D Kottarathil and an enjoyable Table Topic Session by TM Aisha Lakdawala. TM Manish Bahirwani was superb as Toastmaster of the Evening with an endearing theme “New Endeavors” The other role players also performed their roles with a lot of enthusiasm.

A meeting we really enjoyed and we thank TM Aisha Lakdawalla for bringing in that extra delicious bite with that “Black Forest Delight”

— withManmohan Sreedhar and Merezban Piloo Katrak.

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