Toastmaster Demo Meeting New York University


Abu Dhabi Chapter conducted a demo meeting for New York University, Abu Dhabi on 20 February 2013.

Area Governor Sujatha Parthasarathy of Abu Dhabi Chapter admirably shouldered this initiative along with New York University Student Joe Jean. Below is an extract of Joe Jean’s mail sent to Area Governor Sujatha Parthasarathy about this excellent demo meeting.

“I should be the one thanking you for this wonderful demo meeting. I was personally touched by the speech of TM Teresa, it really inspired me. I will make sure that I follow up with you on how we plan to move on from there. Again, thank you so much for bringing this amazing group of people to our meeting today.

To all of you, dear Toastmasters, Thank you so much for coming today and show us how Toastmasters can really help us improve our public speaking and leadership skills through the various roles you played during the meeting.” 

A brilliant meeting and thanks to all the Toastmasters who contributed to the success of this demo meeting.

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