“Courage consists, not in blindly overlooking danger, but in seeing and conquering it.”― Jean Paul Richter

This was the quote that my classmate Julius Mascarenhas wrote in my autograph book years ago when we were in Antonio D’Souza High School – Byculla, Mumbai.

His twin Vincent Mascarenhas was also in the same class. However, Julius was always close to my heart. He had an endearing smile and was a brilliant student. He was handsome and good looking. At that time I did not realize the importance of that quote. It was only years later when the impact of that quote hit me when I was facing life in all its intensity. It was during those moments of dangers that I faced that this quote was my best companion and best inspirer.

After my school days, I completely lost tract of Julius or Vincent though at times I used to visit his brother’s dispensary in Byculla for routine treatment of cold and flu. After completing my College and later my MBA, I was stationed in Muscat and Abu Dhabi as Sales and Marketing Manager for Volkswagen and Audi. I used to remember Julius whenever I faced some challenges of life remembering that beautiful quote. What with maintaining my career and a family, I lost contact with many school friends. However, Julius always had a place in my heart.

Yesterday, I goggled the name Julius Mascarenhas and got a shock of my life. I got the news that Julius Mascarenhas met with a tragic car accident in Canada. I read the various press coverage of his sad demise along with that excellent obituary of his brother. I also came to know yesterday that Julius left behind a wonderful wife and two lovely daughters. I also read that he had done his PhD in Chemistry and had a distinguished career and was very close to his family.

His death which happened in May 7, 2013 shook me and has disturbed me immensely. Life is so fragile and one can never know what can happen next. Julius am sure has impacted the lives of many as he was such a remarkable man. He made a big difference in my life as that quote lies deeply embedded in my heart reminding me of a great school friend who helped me to see and conquer many dangers in my life.

I have never been in touch with this family ever nor been in contact with him ever since our school days but if at all this post reaches his family and friends, I would want them to remember that my affection and love for Julius never diminished over the years as he was my source of inspiration. Imagine how much one quote can make difference in another’s life and how priceless it can be.


5 thoughts on “JULIUS – MY FRIEND RIP

  1. Joslyn says:

    Hi Salim
    I was surfing the web today and came across your post. I am Julius’ wife and so touched to read what you wrote about Julius. We miss Julius terribly. He was a firm believer in Jesus Christ and we know that He is in heaven today. He left an amazing legacy and we are grateful for his life. Thank you for your kind comments.

    • salimasayyid says:

      Hi Joslyn,
      My apologies for this late response. I somehow had not checked my posts for a long time.
      Julius was undoubtedly a remarkable humanbeing. He was so endearing straightforward and such a wonderful friend. I regret now on not having been in touch with him. However, I will always treasure him as an excellent human being.
      I wish you and your family the courage and fortitude and am sure that the legacy he has left behind would be a source of great inspiration not only to you and your family but to many many friends and people whom he interacted with.
      God bless you and your family always.
      Best Regds,
      Salim Sayyid

  2. Felix Mascarenhas says:

    Dear Salimasayyid,

    I am Felix, the elder brother of Julius. Your obit was brought to my attention by Joslyn, the bereaved wife of Julius.

    I was touched by the love and affection you had for my dear brother Julius. You have quite remarkably described his personality with great accuracy and that is the way our family also remembers him for his intellect, his proximity to each of us and his care and affection for his wife Joslyn and two daughters Alekhya and Deepika. He was indeed a role model of those of us who had the privilege of being close to him.

    I am based in Dubai and if you are in Abu Dhabi or ever travel to Dubai, please feel free to contact me. I would like to meet and keep in touch with you on behalf of Julius. My land line telephone number is 009714-2820521.

    Best Regards,

    Felix Mascarenhas

    • salimasayyid says:

      Hi Felix,

      I am replying to you after a long time and I apologize for it. Infact, I could never imagine that my post would reach you or his family.
      I can never ever forget Julius as he was such a warm hearted and loving friend. Almighty God may have His reasons but Julius’s memory will always live forever in me.

      I will certainly contact you.

      In the meanwhile my best regards to you and your family and to Julius’s family. God bless you all.

      Salim Sayyid

  3. Vincent Mascarenhas says:

    Hi Salim,
    It’s truly amazing how this quote has impacted your life. But then it’s more than that. Julius was also a special friend to you, and one who you surely remembered all these years. Courage and Faith were two attributes of his, which I still remember.
    It’s a beautiful note you have written for Julius; and he must be thrilled to know the impact his quote had on you. Life does not end after all , it only changes to something more , an eternity with our Heavenly Father.
    Hope we meet soon,
    ps: just saw this post, courtesy a relative from Goa

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