Those profound words of Charles M. Schulz have so much wisdom in them. The ability to laugh at one self is one quality that will enable an individual to successfully face many battles of life gracefully. This ability can be developed with a little understanding and a little maturity.

Life is so beautiful and at every moment we need to thank our Creator for giving us this priceless gift. However, this beautiful life is not bereft of challenges which we face on a day to day to basis. The ability to laugh at one self in the course of every single day would help immensely to tackle problems that come our way.

It is so easy to lose one’s temper with family members, friends, coworkers and strangers due to unnecessary misunderstandings. This in turn could be the main reasons for one’s unhappiness and anger. Well, I am certainly not advocating that laughing at one self always will be a solution to all the problems but it will help ease and solve many problems.

The Hindi film Munna Bhai MBBS had a scene when the Dean of the College (Actor Boman Irani) is so exasperated with the antics of the protagonist (Actor Sanjay Dutt) that he may have had the inclination to murder him but instead he begins to laugh hysterically just to swallow his pride and anger. How many times have we laughed at ourselves when we experience such situations? It is a great lesson to learn and practice because you can only get upset if you give the other person the permission to upset you and disturb your peace of mind.

Easier said than done but let’s really make a genuine effort to laugh at ourselves as much as possible and be grateful to Charles Schulz for reinforcing this incredible ability through those profound words.

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