TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes more


Once upon a time there was an enterprising businessman who had a fantastic idea. He figured out a way to build the perfect automobile. He hired a team of young engineers and told them to buy one of every car model in the world and dismantle them.

He instructed them to pick out the best part from every car and to place it in a special room. Soon the room was filled with parts judged by the group to be the best engineered in the world – the best carburetor, the best set of brakes, the best steering wheel, the best transmission, and so on. It was an impressive collection – more than 5,000 parts in all. Then he had all the parts assembled into one automobile – the pick of the world so to speak.

There was only one problem. It didn’t work! The automobile refused to function. The parts would not work together.
It’s the same with people. A team of people or things with a common objective and harmony can be superior to a group of individual “all stars” any day.

Extract from a Harvey Mackay Post

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