The Priceless Nut

DSC04418TME Chitra had an inverted plastic cup placed on the table in front of each Toastmaster member before the start of her role play as Toastmaster of the Evening. It was during her concluding session that we discovered a chocolate that was covered by the cup. Now friends read the classic interpretation of this act in the words of this enthusiastic Toastmaster:

“When we get a chocolate, we do not tend to notice anything but to just eat the chocolate. Well with a great observer comes a great human being.

The chocolate I presented had 3 layers.

1) The color
2) The chocolate
3) The nut

The color: depicts the positives in our life. Everything is joyful, colourful and easy going in the beginning.

The chocolate: this depicts the obstacles, the negatives, the unfortunate events to be precise the downfalls of our life.

The nut: our ultimate goal. We achieve the ultimate only by going through all the obstacles and harsh times.

A simple chocolate can show it is not easy to achieve the aim of our life only through various stages – self confidence to face any obstacles and self belief can lead us to our goal.”

A remarkable finesse to an otherwise great debut performance as TME!

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