Abu Dhabi Chapter 1950 Meeting 488 dated 8 April 2014

Toastmaster of the Evening Saima Imran (2nd from right) gave a brilliant debut performance with the theme ‘Respect Returns”. Her role play sparkled with humor, superb introductions of the role players and excellent time management. She had painstakingly worked on her role by a very close follow-up of the other role players and there were as many as four quality project speeches. A very dedicated and committed Toastmaster,... Saima once again proved what an asset she is to this great club.

Toastmaster Sanjay Vissa (1st from left), Toastmaster Devi Narayan (3rd frm left) gave stellar performances in their individual roles of evaluator and project speaker. Toastmaster Salim Sayyid was voted the Best Table Topic Speaker.

We also had the pleasure of watching Toastmaster Oudi Abouchacra practice his winning speech in our Club titled “Why not”? We all wish him the very best and pray to God that he brings us the DTAC Trophy for the Best Speaker at DTAC!

A very enjoyable meeting that brought out the best of the role players and once again KUDOS TO TOASTMASTER SAIMA IMRAN FOR MAKING THIS MEETING SO ENJOYABLE AND DELICIOUS WITH MILK SHAKE FOR EACH OF US.

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