For nearly two months, I was down with acute pain – sciatic pain on my right leg which made life so difficult for me. It was difficult driving a car or even attending office.  I had difficulty praying too as I could not bend down and the moment I did so, it used to be very painful and unbearable. Now my God’s grace, I am well thanks to Homeopathic treatment along with the external use of Voltaren Gel.

During one such Friday, I was in the mosque at Electra Road and was trying to search for a chair to sit on. But, there were none and so with a great effort, I sat down and started praying. After I had completed a part of the prayers and was waiting to perform the main prayer in congregation, I saw a local moving towards me with a chair in his hands. He smiled and gave me the chair. I was just taken aback and did not have enough words to thank him.

I realized that people do care and above all there is Almighty Allah who is forever so loving and caring.

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