ABU DHABI CHAPTER MEETING 489 – 22nd April 2014


In my decade long association with Toastmasters and Abu Dhabi Chapter 1950, I watched Toastmaster Abraham Thomas give the best performance as Toastmaster of the Evening. He was the soul of this meeting. His introductions of the role players, his ready wit, his brilliant vocabulary, his rich resonating voice and effortless role play made this meeting very enjoyable.

The wisdom he imparted through some thought provoking slides on the theme “You are wanted” was again just SUPERB. In fact, I would urge our members who have not attended this meeting to watch the recorded session to experience the magic of this role play.

I was the General Evaluator of this meeting and I was so mesmerized by his role play that I just could not express myself effectively to evaluate such a stupendous role play.

We at Abu Dhabi Chapter 1950 are blessed to have Abe as he is affectionately called not only as a valued member but above all as a caring, kind and immensely talented Toastmaster and human being.

His concluding words touched my heart when he said, “To those members who have not attended this meeting, “YOU ARE WANTED” not JUST NEEDED!

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