Everybody wins with great teamwork


Team work

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We have come across this Aesop’s fable many times and every time I read it, I am reminded of the importance of teamwork.

One day the Body and all its parts began to criticize the Belly for enjoying a life of idleness and luxury, while they spent all their time working to feed it. So they entered into a conspiracy to cut off the Belly’s supplies in the future.

The Hands would no longer carry food to the Mouth, nor would the Mouth receive the food, nor would the Teeth chew it. Not long after following this plan, the parts began to fail, and the whole body began to waste away.

Then the members realized that the Belly, which seemed cumbersome and useless, had an important function of its own. They could no more do without it than it could do without them. If they wanted to keep the body in a healthy state, they must work together, each in his proper sphere, for the common good of all.

The moral of this Aesop’s Fable: Only by working together can the greatest good for all be achieved. In a word, ‘teamwork’
Everyone wants to be the star. Unfortunately, stars rarely win anything by themselves. For any star to shine, they need a team behind them.

Adapted from a post by Harvey Mackay

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