Abu Dhabi Toastmasters Meeting 553 dated 4 October, 2016


The highest level of performance is seen in individuals who are passionate, committed and enthusiastic.

I was privileged yesterday to watch a sterling Project 10 performance by TM Elma titled “Successful Failures” I was even further privileged to evaluate this brilliant project. Both the speaker and the evaluator won awards for their individual performances.

Evaluating a Project 10 speech (10.5 minutes) in 3.5 minutes is never easy particularly when the speech had the following outstanding features:

-Great emotional appeal
-Elegant delivery style
-Superb body language
-Confident and emphatic
-Brilliant scripting

The message of extracting the positive of every failure by changing the mental attitude uplifted the audience and gave me a new lease of motivation when I was reminded again that Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken fame) recipe was rejected 1009 times before it became the famous “Finger lickin’ good” slogan in the 20th century which is still used today.

I concluded my evaluation with these words “Move on from greatness to excellence”

TM Elma Rodriques. Your performance was WoW!

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