KL Saigal Doodle


Today’s Google doodle celebrates this golden-voiced son of India. The doodle has been created by noted illustrator Vidhya Nagarajan. Google is marking this anniversary with a doodle of the late maestro’s 114th birth anniversary.

Saigal, blessed with a sonorous voice and a unique song style, was Bollywood’s first legitimate ‘superstar’. He was an actor-singer, appeared in 36 films made in three languages, and sang 185 songs in his 15-plus-year career.

I was introduced to the KL Saigal’s songs by my school friend Shabbir Batliwalla. Being used to hearing Rafi Saab and Kishore Da, initially, I could not relate to this great singer’s voice but eventually came to like his singing. His song “Jab dil he toot gaya… is evergreen!

Women Power

kamaladevi1On Tuesday, Google celebrated the 115th birth anniversary of the multi-faceted freedom fighter, activist, and promoter of the arts, Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, with a doodle.

Kamaladevi, who bagged the Padma Vibhushan in 1987 (a year before her death), was a woman of many firsts.
-She was an active participant in the freedom movement, championed women’s rights,
-Founded the All-India Women’s Conference (AIWC),
-Led the renaissance of Indian handicrafts and handlooms,
-Worked for the development of the performing arts in India.

The doodle, created by Finland-based artist Parvati Pillai, salutes Kamaladevi’s contribution to the creative fields. It depicts the various fields she promoted, including the sitar, sarangi, Kathak dance, embroidery and basket weaving.

Gunny sack


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

I remember in one of the extempore meetings, I had to speak on the above topic. It was challenging to speak on this topic but thoughts and ideas came speeding by and now as I reflect back, I realize the depth of knowledge that lies within this brilliant quote by Winston Churchill.

There are numerous examples of some of the wealthiest people in this world who have given a major part of their wealth but the most striking example that comes to my mind now is of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA) who when asked by our loving Prophet what he could give for the sake of Islam and he showed by example by giving everything he had and appeared before the Prophet the next day in clothes made of gunnysack.


Barakat Juice Outlet in Abu Dhabi


Fresh & Easy Barakat Juice Outlet in Abu Dhabi

I was delighted when I visited the Barakat juice outlet in the Cooperative Society Mina Mall in Abu Dhabi. The natural juices are simply amazing especially the “Chia Juice.

It is also stocked with a choice of ready-prepared ingredients for cooking up fresh and delicious meals.

You will love the fresh juices and the sandwhiches which are reasonably priced

A four-day workweek? -Brilliant post!


As anthropologist David Graeber has recently contended, many of us work jobs that, at least partially, seem pointless. Indeed, economists have long been aware of the redundant hours contained in many working days, with employees effectively under-utilized in their workplaces, yet unable to leave due to the persistent issue of “presenteeism”—where workers are valued by managers for hours logged in the office rather than productivity.

Rather than work longer hours for little productive benefit, we could embrace a shorter working week and help save our planet and our own well-being.

To fight climate change, institute a four-day workweek

Child Safety


Purchasing a child safety seat is a fundamental decision as the regular seat in the car is simply too large for the small passengers. You can drive as careful as you want, accidents can happen easily.

Also without your fault. Low speeds are enough and your child, which might not be properly secured in a child seat will be thrown against the vehicle’s interior.

Every Volkswagen model comes with the ISOFIX system as standard, the base of the child seat for our youngest passengers can be securely fastened to the vehicle body. Volkswagen Genuine Accessories help you to arrange the safety of your child much better and offers a range of child safety seat.


Post and photo courtesy Volkswagen

Abu Dhabi Toastmasters Meeting 553 dated 4 October, 2016


The highest level of performance is seen in individuals who are passionate, committed and enthusiastic.

I was privileged yesterday to watch a sterling Project 10 performance by TM Elma titled “Successful Failures” I was even further privileged to evaluate this brilliant project. Both the speaker and the evaluator won awards for their individual performances.

Evaluating a Project 10 speech (10.5 minutes) in 3.5 minutes is never easy particularly when the speech had the following outstanding features:

-Great emotional appeal
-Elegant delivery style
-Superb body language
-Confident and emphatic
-Brilliant scripting

The message of extracting the positive of every failure by changing the mental attitude uplifted the audience and gave me a new lease of motivation when I was reminded again that Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken fame) recipe was rejected 1009 times before it became the famous “Finger lickin’ good” slogan in the 20th century which is still used today.

I concluded my evaluation with these words “Move on from greatness to excellence”

TM Elma Rodriques. Your performance was WoW!